The Purple ESR Meter testing capacitors

I own two different ESR meters. I call them the Blue meter, you know the one that comes in a kit and you put together and then the Purple meter. What’s GREAT about the purple meter is that it not only shows you the ESR of a capacitor, but also the capacitor value. This is great for testing used capacitors or new ones before you install them.

Buy the Purple meter here, it’s the same place I got mine from.
They have fast shipping and answered my email questions in a timely manner.

How to replace a 3-prong electrical plug (on asteroids)

Every arcade machine or pinball machine I own needs to have a 3 prong plug. Meaning that they need to have the ground plug. I would say at least 25% or more of the game I’ve added to my collection has had bad plugs, the ground plug cut off or broken and a loose plug. So if the cord is still in good shape you can just replace the end 3 prong plug. Here’s a video I made of me changing one on my Asteroids machine. It took about ten minutes. With just a minor set back when the new replacement plug I bought was missing the screws!