That dirty Centipede!

I mentioned in my earlier Centipede post that I got this machine for $50.00, note it did not work and was super dirty. I have seen people post dirtier photos, but this one is still the dirtiest one I’ve had.


Years ago when I got this. I mainly used Simple Green, Windex and canned air to clean with. I think I went through I few cans. Now I would air from my full size air compressor. About 90 psi and an air nozzle will do wonders for cleaning!!


I did completely remove this monitor and chassis from the cabinet to clean. It’s really the BEST and ONLY way I would do it. After I did get this Centipede working this monitor had about three more years of life before burning up!!

Pole Position – Hour #2

So tonight after work I put another hour into the Pole Position.

Note, I still have NOT PLUGGED this game in yet. There’s really no reason to yet until a do a few more things. So here is what I did tonight:

1. Replace the Bridge Rectifier with a new one from Bob Roberts
2. Replace the Fuse Holder
3. Put in all new fuses
4. More cleaning (remember a mouse used to live in this machine)
5. Replace the burnt R-29 resister
6. Re flowed about 80% of the solder on the back of the two AR boards

TIP: If you replace the R29 or R30 resistor, solder it raised off of your board.
This way if they burn up again, they will not burn your circuit board.

Pole Position – Hour #1

I plan to document my repair of my new Pole Position.

My first hour was sent doing some cleaning and vacuuming.
Looking over the machine I have these problems so far.

1. F2 is blown it’s a 4amp slow blow right after the bridge rectifier.
2. A Line fuse in the image below is blown, it’s a 25amp, it connects to a ‘~’ on the bridge rectifier.
3. Burnt R29 on the AR board (I know look at the edge connectors (see #4)
4. At least 3 burnt edge connectors.
5. Battery Acid on the CPU board (I’ve removed the battery and neutralized the area)
6. Bad cap at C9 on the CPU board, it’s a 10uf 35v
7. the Bridge Rectifier test bad with my multimeter

I found ALL of the above without even plugging this machine in yet.
First we need to fix a few things before turning it on for the first time.

Yard Sale Pole Position

Here’s my first yard sale find. An Atari Pole Position!

Just $100, but it doesn’t work.. So like all games I buy, they are broken.
I’ve never had a Pole Position before, but trust me I’ve heard how hard they are to keep working. One of the hardest, maybe behind Q*Bert!

I noticed a bunch of seeds falling out of the back. This is a good sign that a mouse is living or was living in your new game. Sure enough when I opened the back there was more. So time to get out the vacuum and start cleaning!!!