My Pachinko’s

Pachinko machine have a pretty cool look to them, My machines that do not work will probably end up on a wall someday and used a ‘ART’. But one note is that Pachinko machines are surprisingly heavy! Usually around 50lbs. Here are two of my machines.

The RED one is a newer electronic type, the other is much older, but might look nice on my wall.

pach-1 pachinko-2


Pachinko Machines

I have a few Pachinko Machines. I had always wanted one from when I was a very young boy. They just looked like so much fun. Heck they must be fun because Japan’s pachinko machines make over $2.2 trillion annually! So I now own three Pachinko Machines.┬áThe problem is that I bought two that didn’t work. I figure I can fix arcade and pinball machines. Well the old ones are mostly mechanical and the newer ones have a bunch of PCBs. The problem I found is that you just can’t find the parts you need to fix machines.

Also you can send your machine out to get fixed, but it’s super expensive. Usually around $200 and WAY UP. Heck most Pachinko Machines are worth $100 or LESS. I’ve paid $75, $50 and $25 for each of my machines. There is not much love for Pachinko Machines in the USA.