Donkey Kong Blue!

When I found a Donkey Kong arcade machine, I just had to have. But it had this horrible black paint around the bottom. WHY? So I though I could just paint over it. After searching Internet for the Donkey Kong color codes, I came up empty.






BUT lucky for me the color continues on the inside of the cabinet. I took a chisel and hammer. Got a sample and took it to Lowes for a color match.




It turned out pretty close, but I wasn’t happy with the look after it dried. Someone on the KLOV forums mentioned to me that it could be a laminate and to see if I could just strip all of the old paint off!

So I got some GOOF OFF and gave it a try.





Here is my steps in removing the two coats of paint. MY Donkey Kong Blue and the Black on the bottom.

OMG it turned out awesome!!! Yet another arcade lesson I learned early on.




Here’s the before and after!

I did repaint the bottom baseboards black and also replace the buttons and T-Modeling¬† back to the Nintendo white! (plus some sideart, I’ll show that next)



This worked for ME, it may NOT work for you