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I did not start collecting arcade games until 2007. I knew almost nothing about the hobby. What I did know what that I love classic arcade games. Game I grew up with in the early 80’s. But when I shoved countless quarters into Asteroids, Pac-man and then Donkey Kong. When you where a teenager in the early 80’s you dreamed of one day owning an arcade. My collection started with Space Invaders, it was in great need of repair. I had to learn how to repair not only the game, but also the cabinet it was in. Fix the control panels, touch up painting, lighting and wiring. But most of all the digital multimeter. The digital multimeter or DMM for short will be your best friend in repairing any arcade or pinball machine. I was a total beginner, but asked hundred of questions on the KLOV forums.
With out the KLOV forums I would really be in trouble. To this day, I post all of my questions there and get wonderful help. That’s the place to start, that’s the place to hang out and just start reading and learning.

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