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SO back to my Battlezone repair. First I had to repair the AR-II board. Besure to check your R29 and R30 resisters. See how this one was burnt.
So I replaced the R29, turned the Battlezone back on and ‘SMOKE‘ everywhere! The shop smelled like burnt resistor for a day. What did I forget? I forget to check the pins/plugs to the PCB. On Atari boards they get burnt also and is a very common problem.
So I removed the PCB and found this.

I’ve had this on most of my Atari games. You can repair this a few different ways. I usually clean with a nylon pen and put down a fresh layer of solder over the area. In the past I have used a cut piece of copper soldiered into place. Or you can buy one of these:

BATTLEZONE, it’s just a loose wire!

I found this Battlezone at the end of June 2012. It was affordable and the Craigslist ad stated it was a loose wire! OK everyone please remember it’s NEVER just a blown fuse, loose wire, or bad plug! The game is a harder to find open face design. Meaning that it did not have the periscope on the front that you had to look through. I just wanted to be sure everything was there before I buy it. Battlezone has TWO boards on the side. The main PCB and a smaller AUX board. Everything was there, it’s just DEAD and DIRTY!