That dirty Centipede!

I mentioned in my earlier Centipede post that I got this machine for $50.00, note it did not work and was super dirty. I have seen people post dirtier photos, but this one is still the dirtiest one I’ve had.


Years ago when I got this. I mainly used Simple Green, Windex and canned air to clean with. I think I went through I few cans. Now I would air from my full size air compressor. About 90 psi and an air nozzle will do wonders for cleaning!!


I did completely remove this monitor and chassis from the cabinet to clean. It’s really the BEST and ONLY way I would do it. After I did get this Centipede working this monitor had about three more years of life before burning up!!

There’s no such things as a cheap Centipede!

I got this dead Centipede Arcade machine because a friends needed the space. I paid $50.00 for it in 2007. The coin count has over 76,000 plays on it. The side art was OK, but there was cabinet wood damage. Plus it had a weird and peeling control panel overlay. I would end up spending hundreds on restoring this Centipede. Pretty much every component needed work and repair on it from the power cord to the monitor.