Donkey Kong Blue!

When I found a Donkey Kong arcade machine, I just had to have. But it had this horrible black paint around the bottom. WHY? So I though I could just paint over it. After searching Internet for the Donkey Kong color codes, I came up empty.






BUT lucky for me the color continues on the inside of the cabinet. I took a chisel and hammer. Got a sample and took it to Lowes for a color match.




It turned out pretty close, but I wasn’t happy with the look after it dried. Someone on the KLOV forums mentioned to me that it could be a laminate and to see if I could just strip all of the old paint off!

So I got some GOOF OFF and gave it a try.





Here is my steps in removing the two coats of paint. MY Donkey Kong Blue and the Black on the bottom.

OMG it turned out awesome!!! Yet another arcade lesson I learned early on.




Here’s the before and after!

I did repaint the bottom baseboards black and also replace the buttons and T-Modeling¬† back to the Nintendo white! (plus some sideart, I’ll show that next)



This worked for ME, it may NOT work for you

My Crooked Donkey Kong

To refresh Donkey Kong, is one of my ‘Grail Games’. I had to have it and I way over paid for it. The problem with that, is when I got it home and started playing it, I found many things wrong with it? First thing I address was the crooked screen!

As you see here, the red line is close to level on the cabinet but the game screen is tilted. Funny how I never noticed this when I bought the game, But on the ramps screen it wasn’t as noticeable.¬† OK, so now what. To be honest the fix is actually pretty simple, but could be scary to a new arcade game collector.





So how do you fix this? You must ROTATE the YOKE! The red arrow is pointing to the yoke in the image. Unplug your game. Then there is probably a screw that you need to loosen first. After loosening you should be able to twist the yoke clock wise or counter clock wise. Turn it just slightly. Then turn the game back on and test. If good tighten the screen and you are done.

Must have Donkey Kong!

I would consider Donkey Kong (and Tempest) my two grail machines. This was in 2007 BEFORE King of Kongs movie came out. I just had to own my very own Donkey Kong arcade machine! Donkey Kong was my ALL TIME FAVORITE arcade game back in the early 80’s.¬† Released in 1981 and sold over 60,0000 machines. With that many made and sold you would think that they would be all over the place or Craigslist. Again calling around to my operator contacts I had made, I found what seemed like the only one in town. I had to have it and paid ALOT of money for it. Like ever arcade game I buy, it had problems, and one problem that took forever to figure out and fix! But I got my GRAIL – Donkey Kong!