Frogger, High Scores and Seinfeld!

If you have ever seen the episode of Seinfeld called Frogger, you learn that Frogger will not save your high power when powered down. Luckily for arcade collectors there are people that have solved this problem with High score save kits. Braze Technologes were one of the first places I learned about these. Their releases are all wonderful. Most will add Free Play, Saving of High scores with initials and better diagnostic. Most kits of the kits you just pull the Z80 CPU from the main board, pull it into your new High Score save board and then plug that board into where your Z80 was. Takes about 5 minutes most of the time.


Let’s jump to fix Frogger

As I said in my last post, Frogger didn’t work, but it did play blind. The good thing about this is that it helps to narrow down the problem. Again check the power supply to be sure the monitor chassis is getting the right power. The nice thing is that my Frogger has a switching power supply in it, also easy to test. So I make a mistake getting a simply cap kit from the Real Bob Roberts. This is course did not fix the problem, I was being cheap and hoped I could fix this cheaply. So then I I order a COMPETE repair kit of this monitor. (It’s a G07), this included a HOT and a Flyback, and I think a few other things. SO after I replaced all of the parts from the kit, the monitor worked and the game was fixed!

Frogger a hopping fun game!

Frogger was released in 1981. It’s one of those addicting games that is easy to learn and understand, but hard to master. Frogger is in a little smaller cabinet than the standard arcade cabinet, but is not a cabaret. I played plenty of Frogger back in the day, it wasn’t my favorite game but it was fun. So when a friend of mine found a Frogger but didn’t have time to fix it. He sold it to me. The cabinet was in very good condition. The game played blind, just like my TRON story. So again this usually means that something is probably wrong with the monitor. But test to be sure it’s getting power with your multimeter. A very nice thing about Frogger, is that it isn’t as heavy as Atari cabinets making it easier for me to get home and unload by myself.