Two Sega Super Hang-on’s equal one?

One of my arcade friends emailed me and said, hey I’ve got this cheap Hang On arcade game for sale, are you interested? Well it came out by Sega in 1987 a little past my prime arcade days, so I had to think about it. So I checked it out and since it was under $200 I bought it.  I just want to say that when moving this game it feels like the base is filled with concrete! So I get it home and it does work, but the monitor has lines across the top of the screen. I think I can adjust it out. But after doing a cap kit and adjustment, it just never got perfect.



Here’s a before and after Capkit image. Man that’s not pretty! So, I found another Super Hang-on locally, that had a better monitor BUT no sound. So I switched the monitors. It helped but still was not perfect. I also switched around the better cases. NEXT the long story of fixing this monitor.