Tempest screen alignment is off.

This is how my Tempest Arcade monitor screen looked when I got it home and started to do a better inspection of the game. The arrow is pointing to a block of text was that shifted down one row.. Arghhh. Just look at the word ‘BONUS’ the X111 from above is shifted into the Bonus letter. So I started to think the worse, bad chips, bad monitor chassis, bad memory? But lucky for me the people on KLOV forums know more than I do and advised me to adjust my BIP alignment!! So I brought up the test screens made the adjustments and AWESOME, the problem was fixed!!  Here are a few of the Tempest test screens for alignment.


Find my Tempest!

I had a growing basement arcade. I had my Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids and many other classics that I grow up playing in the early 80’s. But there was one game I dropped a ton of quarters in that I still didn’t own, and it was TEMPEST!

I still remember people lining up to play Tempest in 1982. It was Atari’s first color vector monitor and it looks so amazing!!! I had been watching Craigslist for two years waiting for a Tempest. Then one day there was an ad for Tempest, I called the seller. He said that he was moving and couldn’t take it with him, or he would never sell it. He had it for many years. So I just told him on the phone I’ll take it. I’ll be over tonight after work. The game powered up and the side art was nice! Looking it over, it looked like I would just have to replace the control panel overlay. It had burn marks, bad corners and the edge cracking. No big deal, I’ve replaced those before!! So I loaded the Tempest into my truck and took it to it’s new home!