TRON remove that battery NOW!

After I got TRON working, I starting cleaning it, bought a cap kit and the Tron Lithium Battery Conversion Kit. As I posted on the Strikes and Spares blog, you MUST REMOVE all of these old batteries, they will destroy your boards. Lucky for all of us Bob Roberts sells a kit so that you can remove this battery and replace it with something better. A replaceable lithium battery. The kit also comes with a diode you have to install and just cost a few dollars..

Fixing TRON!

Turns out that Fixing TRON the arcade game wasn’t very hard. It was sitting in a storage unit for over 13 years. So it was pretty dusty, but the side art and over art was pretty nice. When I got the game, it played blind. This means that you can start the game and hear the game, but you see nothing on the monitor. This usually means something is wrong with the monitor. It could be a power supply problem also. But that only takes a minute to check the voltage with your multimeter. Also check the connections. This was my first TRON machine so I didn’t know the wiring and connections. BUT lucky for me people on the KLOV forum did!! I posted the below photo there and someone let me know that the cable is in the wrong place. Even though the plug fit there, it didn’t belong there. As soon as I moved this plug into the correct spot, the game worked, the monitor worked!!!


TRON an amazing classic

Yes, I played TRON many many times in the early 80’s. It was such an amazing game. FOUR different games in one. A super cool blue controller with a trigger fire button. And a spinner. I think that was the first time I played a game with a spinner like this. Our local arcade had Tron before Tempest. Although I think Tempest came out first. Also don’t forget about the black light and the super cool TRON cabinet..  So I had a friend that found a TRON that didn’t work and he basically flipped it over to me for a few hundred bucks.

It just looked so AWESOME, I couldn’t believe there was TRON sitting in my garage.
Bad news is that there was no image, but the good news was that the game was playing blind. Which means to me it’s a monitor problem.

OK next, time to fix TRON!