Jukebox Error 30, the Opto?

So nothing still happens when I put in a selection. The CCC still shows Er30, when some say is related to the Opto. I found the Opto plugged into P203 on Mechanism Control. Follow to behind the turn table. I removed it and cleaned it. Then while it was out tested it but inserting a card in between it, and it was order. It will toggle lights on the Mech Control.


Jukebox – Maybe it’s just a cold solder joint!

It wasn’t! So far I removed the CCC (Central Control Computer), the Mechanism Control, and the power supply. I re-soldered all molex pin connectors. There where you will commonly find cold solder joints. There are also two fuses hidden on the inside of the power supply unit, those tested OK with the multimeter. There is also a battery inside the CCC (see photo below). It’s a CR 2032 3V, again I took it out and tested it with my multimeter and it was OK.



Working on the Jukebox #1

The very first thing I did before even plugging in the jukebox was to replace the plug. Like so many other arcade items the ground prong had be removed or broke off. Ground is pretty damn important. Fix those plugs first. So then I plug the jukebox in and I had power, well some at least. The lights and displays worked, so did the dancing lights on the lower and upper parts of the jukebox.

The carousel did spin with power when I pressed the ‘Scan and Cancel’ button.
The OBA Control unit FAULT light is lite. (I don’t think this matter, since it’s part of the coin mech system)
The CCC show Er 30, but the +8vdc light is on. (service sticker shows repair on 9-1-11)
And none of the Mechanism Control lights are on.
Looks like the coin/bill mechs are disconnected, but the machine is set on free play.


My First Jukebox

So I have been watch Craigslist for a jukebox for a few months. You know nice ones are not cheap. Well I finally bought my first jukebox today. The good news is that it was cheap, but the bad news, it doesn’t work – YET! It’s a Rowe R-89 from around 1985. The only important thing to remember about a jukebox is that they are HEAVY!! This one is 365lb and I had to move it by myself as usual!! The hardest part of moving it was getting it into my truck and then out. Well mostly pushing it up a ramp into my track, man that was SCARY!!! Here’s a first photos.