Strikes and Spares Bad MPU board

The first thing to do with any MPU board is to remove the battery. On this MPU board the battery was leaking and there was damage on the board.  So cut off the battery, get an off board battery holder from the Real Bob Roberts and solder the wires in place. I use vinegar and water to neutralize the battery acid (actually it’s Alkaline leakage). After that I had to repair the trace damages. Reflow the solder to all connectors, then replace a few components damaged by the battery acid and the MPU was fixed!

Strikes and Spares Hot for Redheads!

Strikes and spares backglass Pinball

From the first time I saw this and the backglass for Strikes and Spares pinball machine I knew I wanted this one.  Over 12,000 of these where made, BUT I never see them offer for sale locally. So when the first, last and only time I saw this listed on Craigslist, I jumped at it. The problem, it’s doesn’t work, turn on, or play. All that I cared about was the back glass. The seller said it was at least a 9 out of 10. I bought it!