Tutankham repair

I will do a short repair log on my $200 Tutankham arcade machine. I bought it in October and it sat in the shop all Winter until March it was starting to warm up enough to go work on it. Here’s a list of what I knew was wrong and needed fixed:

  1. No image (Sampo monitor)
  2. Doesn’t play blind
  3. No glow on the monitor
  4. The power board had burnt pins
  5. Control Panel overlay badly warped
  6. Marquee broken
  7. Marquee light was all burnt up and melted
  8. Side art ripped

So I start by trying to fix the power, I removed the Stern power supply board (PS-1200) and replaced it with a switcher power supple and a kit from the Arcadeshop. But still there is no image on the monitor and no sound (not playing blind). I need to fix the monitor, but I couldn’t find all the parts I needed for this Sampo monitor, not even from Bob Roberts, so a friend actually had one he wasn’t using, so I bought it from him. Switched the monitors.

Still not playing and still no sound, but at least I got an image, This one:


Actually that is a GOOD SIGN, the game is trying to do something!
So after reading some tips on KLOV, I knew my -5 (negative 5) voltage was off. After adjusting the +5 and -5 the best I could, I hooked the game back up and got this:



PLUS here is the Power conversion kit I used from the Arcadeshop

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3 thoughts on “Tutankham repair

  1. It’s great when you get a game that you think it way worse off than it really is. I scored a TMNT for $100 because it was coming up with a RAM/ROM issue on startup. Turned out to just need a new power supply 🙂

  2. I just picked up this game recently and im having issues with my power supply as well. Im not getting +5V and my -5V is more like -11v. the 12V is reading about right. By chance do you have any photos of how you setup your newer power supply as im wondering where you leeched off the monitor power from.

    • Put in a new switching power supply and then get the STERN Power Supply Conversion kit from the Arcadeshop.
      I just added a photo above it my set up.

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